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A Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development. It describes the typical adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, the person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of the group, tribe, or civilization.
We're sharing inspiring entrepreneurial stories through the narrative framework of The Hero's Journey. We're looking for entrepreneurs with grit and a good story... trials and triumph, entrepreneurial failures and success. 

This groundbreaking web video series captures vulnerable, determined entrepreneurs. Inspiring individuals seeking to do impossible things. Entrepreneurs willing to share highs, lows & learning lessons for others to learn from and be inspired by. 
The Dream, The Struggle, The Mentor
In 2014 several friends met for dinner. They laughed, they shared ideas together and two of them connected with a dream... IGNITRR Their story in building that dream was nothing short of incredible. What happened in the following year would test every limit of their resolve. 

Dean, a silicon valley veteran and venture capitalist, discovered that his cancer had come out of remission and his health began to deteriorate. While at the same time his investment in the Dream was being threatened from every angle by delays and crushing unexpected expenses.

Brock, an online marketing expert and founder of local Denver mortgage company began seeing his personal life crumble around him. Going through a heartbreaking divorce he lost or gave up everything. All the money, his business, his house, sleeping in his car for 10 months living on $10/day while keeping it a secret so as not to threaten the dream Dean and Brock were building together.

But it was in the struggle these two entrepreneurs connected on deeper level and the older Dean took on the role of wise mentor, helping Brock understand what really matters in life, in business and ignited within him a personal mission to prove the impossible possible. To live an extraordinary life.
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A Door Closes, A New Journey Begins
Brock learns through Dean that living an extraordinary life takes great courage and belief in your heart. It is with this knowledge that Brock sets forth into the global unknown, traveling, volunteering, living abroad, finding and helping entrepreneurs wherever he goes in his quest live life to the fullest while building his various businesses.
Behind The Story
Brock Predovich
Entrepreneur / Subject / Host
Kyle Eason
Steve Hall
Tom Hoch
Director of Photography
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